November 23, 2011

Five ways (on top of brushing) to keep your teeth healthy

If somebody asked you what’s the best way to keep your teeth healthy chances are you’d say brushing or going to the dentist. You’d be right – it is the best way to keep them healthy. But there are lots of other ways too. Here are five…


1. Use mouthwash when brushing your teeth

Rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash is an important factor for many reasons – it can reach parts of your mouth a toothbrush can’t and it protects your mouth from the build up of tartar. On top of that mouthwash keeps your breath fresh, and who doesn’t like having fresh breath?!


2. Try to eat the right foods

What you eat plays a very big part in keeping your teeth healthy. Some of the foods you should try to eat include dairy products because of their calcium, nuts due to the vitamins and minerals, water because it’s the main component of saliva and fruit and vegetables as they’re both very high in fibre.


3. And try to avoid the bad ones

Just as there are foods to eat for healthy teeth, there are foods you need to avoid too. This might seem obvious, but avoid anything with sugar it is extremely bad for your teeth. Blueberries are coffee should also both be avoided as both can stain your teeth


4. Floss

We always advise the people we treat in our clinics to floss their teeth. Not only does it keep your keep your teeth healthy… it keeps you as a person healthy as if you have a healthy mouth it will prevent you from more serious diseases not associated with the mouth. Flossing also protects your gums and prevents tartar build up. If you don’t floss when you brush your teeth, now’s the time to start.


5. Start using interdental brushes

Interdental brushes are small brushes that have a function to dental floss. They get to those hard to reach bits between your teeth. What differentiates these brushes from floss is that they brush parts of your your teeth in the process.

The best known interdental brush brand on the market is ‘Tepee’, so much so that they’re sometimes referred to as ‘Tepee brushes’ (the same way vacuum cleaners are sometimes called ‘Hoovers’). If you ask for ‘Tepee brushes’ in your pharmacy they’ll know what you’re looking for.

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