Information for COVID-19


The health and safety of our customers, our staff and our communities are at the centre of everything we do, and this is particularly important during these challenging times. At The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists, we take strict sterilisation precautions at all times, with customer safety at the forefront of everything we do. We always follow guidelines for best practice of infection control so we are already equipped to deal with infections like COVID-19.

The White House employs GDC registered dental professionals who are trained both to high standards and to operate in a clinical environment.  Our staff have a medical background and they are fully trained in patient health and welfare regarding procedures and sterilisation.

The White House clinic orders sterilisation products from the reputable dental supplier, Henry Schein, and as long as we can continue to have access to our PPE and sterilisation we can continue to operate.

The White House has put in place new additional guidelines in line with the global plans by the World Health Organization (WHO) the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority, the Health and Social Care Board and Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

With this in mind, we wanted to reach out and reassure you that we are putting in place a number of robust measures designed to make health and safety a top priority whilst still enabling people to attend for teeth whitening treatments. So, in addition to the already stringent cross-infection control policies, we have implemented the below changes to our clinics. These include:

These include:

  • All customers will be asked to complete an online treatment consent form and COVID-19 declaration prior to attending for your appointment.


  • You will be asked not to attend if you have had any symptoms of COVID -19, have tested positive or had close contact with someone with COVID-19.
    If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you need to stay indoors and completely avoid contact with other people to avoid passing on the virus. Contact your GP by phone and please do not attend your appointment. You will need to self-isolate and we ask you to please reschedule your appointment for at least 2 weeks if you have symptoms of coronavirus.


Sterilisation and removal

  • All doors, handles, entrance, exit, card machines, remote control or anything that a customer may come into contact with, are sterilised using Alkapharm medical grade sterilisation wipes after each treatment.
  • Every customer on arrival to our clinic must use the provided hand sanitizer.


We would like to reiterate that you can rest assured The White House follows strict infection control policies and best practices at all times and we appreciate your assistance with following our requirements ensuring patient safety.

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