October 28, 2016

10 ways to get us smiling!

Smiling has lots of benefits – it’s one of the reasons people get their teeth whitened! When we smile we feel better about ourselves and we’re in better form. Smiling also gives us the opportunity to show off our bright smiles… something we know an awful lot about!

There are lots of different ways to trigger those smiles – here are 10…


1. Get out and exercise

When we get out and exercise we release endorphins – a chemical that makes you feel mu h better about yourself. This means the more you exercise, the more endorphins you release and subsequently the better you feel about yourself. What does all that result in? More smiling!


2. Save yourself some money

Regardless of your current financial situation, we all like to save a bit of money. Tell anybody they’ve just saved €300 and they’re bound to start smiling!

Sit down to take a look at your outgoings and see if there’s anything you can save money on. If you look through your accounts and manage to save yourself a few pounds, you’ll definitely be smiling.


3. Try to get a good night’s sleep regularly

When we’re tired we feel rubbish. The day is one constant yawn. Train yourself to get a good night’s sleep every day and you’ll feel all the happier for it.


4. Meditate

Meditating isn’t something many of us would consider doing, but since a lot of have quite frantic lives, taking the time out to meditate can keep us grounded.

Go to YouTube and search for ‘meditate’ and you’ll come across videos that will transform you to a more relaxed place.


5. Hang out with family and friends

The one and only Terry Wogan put it perfectly when he said the most important thing in life is family. After that, he said, everything else is peripheral. It’s so true! With these wise words in mind, spend as much time with your family as possible. Don’t forget your friends too!


6. Shop! Shop! Shop!

When you go to the shops, you treat yourself. When you treat yourself to a new purchase, you smile… it’s as simple as that!


7. Plan or book holiday

We don’t see holidays as expenses… we look at them as investments instead! You’re investing in memories and a break that will leave you feeling better after it. When we plan them we’re excited – something that also leaves us smiling! Start planning your next break and you’ll know what we’re talking about!


8. Watch a funny movie!

This is one is pretty straightforward… sit down and watch Airplane!, Borat, Groundhog Day or any other classic comedy and you’ll be smiling for up to 90 minutes or more.


9. Think/look back over fond memories

Clear all your thoughts for one moment and think of your favourite place in the world. We’re presuming you’re in a happy place now, right? We’re also presuming you’re smiling 🙂


10. Eat healthily

A healthy person means a happy person. Watch what you eat and you’re guaranteed to feel better as a result of it.

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