July 19, 2018

5 reasons why summer makes us smile

Smiling and the summer seem to go hand in hand.  There really are so many great things about the summer! Far too many to mention, so we have cut them down and made a list of  5 things about the summer that brings a smile toa


1. The Weather

The summer brings it with longer days, blue skies and warmer weather. We can fit more into our day and spend more time outdoors soaking up rays. There’s nothing like good weather to bring a smile to our face!


2. Summer Festivals

Summertime means festival season! What better way to get you smiling than bopping your head and singing along to your favourite artists at one of the many music festivals and gigs taking place over the summer months.

3. Ice Cream

When the weather is good and the temperatures rise we need something to cool down. Whether your an adult or child there’s a delicious ice cream is sure to make you smile.

4. Going to the Beach

We flock to the beach whenever we have an opportunity in summer. Whether its building sandcastles, a dip in the sea or taking in some vitamin D, a trip to the beach will have you showing off your pearly whites.

5. Summer Holidays

Whether it’s a road trip, city break or sunny holiday, a summer break is sure to get you smiling.

You can get your summer smile by making an appointment at one of our clinics here.

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