Smile confidently!

  Andrew’s initial shade was 3L1.5 and he finished the treatment with a shade of 1M2, which is an 8-color shade improvement. Before we started the treatment, we had a quick chat with Andrew and asked him a few questions: Q: Andrew, can you tell us what are your expectations for the teeth whitening treatment? […]

White Food Recipe for after your Teeth Whitening treatment

  Always remember that for 24 hours after your teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will be more prone to discoloration. During this period you’ll need to avoid any colored foods and drinks, eg colored sauces, soups, red meat, red wine, tea & coffee. You’ll also need to refrain from smoking, and wearing colored lipstick and […]


Dominika’s initial shade was 3R2.5 and she finished the treatment with a shade of 2M2, which is a 7-color shade improvement. At The White House, we pride ourselves on the amazing natural results that you can achieve within 45 minutes only. Our treatment is painless, quick, and effective and it will remove any stains that […]